One of our goals at Ferber's is to bring you unique jewelry from every corner of the world. One of the artisans that we have developed a relationship with is Michal Kirat. Michal was kind enough to share some information about herself and her design philosophies with us.

Michal Kirat

Michal was born in the Spring of 1965 in central Israel. Since a young age, Michal has been a fan of colors. The region she grew up in offered many different colors in nature, and the time he grew up was a transitioning process for Israel, where creativity was blossoming in almost every field. When she was in her early 20’s, Michal decided to travel the world, visiting regions located along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. When she returned home, she found a job at one of the top jewelry galleries in the Old Jaffa district. There, she learned about Roman Glass from some of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen in the region. It wasn’t long after that Michal had gathered enough knowledge and ideas about Roman Glass jewelry that she ventured off on her own to become an independent designer. She has worked with many well known jewelers in Israel, and around the world.

Michal’s Expertise

Michal is an expert in handling and dealing with Roman Glass, having been working with it for several years now. That’s why each of her unique piece is carefully crafted into works of art. The reason no one piece is the same is because each piece once belonged to a vase, bowl, plate, or cup. Like any fine piece of jewelry, you should treat Roman Glass with care and handle it delicately. Be careful not to wear your Roman Glass jewelry when you shower or swim, for the prolonged exposure to the water and chemicals will dull the vivid colors of the glass. Brief exposure to water, such as rain, will not harm it, and the colors will return with the glass dries.

“I hope everyone that owns any items of my jewellery will feel the creative connection it has been designed with, and will be reminded of the Sun, Spring and the Sea.” -Michal Kirat

Roman Glass Basics

Roman Glass is exactly what it sounds like. It’s glass that originated in the times of Ancient Rome, and is over 2000 years old. This uniquely colored hand blown glass is only found in sites where only the wealthy lived, for back then the glass was an object of status. Like most unique items, there is only a limited supply of Roman Glass. Luckily, Israel’s climate, among only a few other regions, is perfect for the preservation of the glass, which is why much of it is found throughout the country.