Have you ever noticed that the most extreme conditions often produce the most extreme beauty? Whether it is an author crafting a story, a composer giving life to his magnus opus, or a painter capturing the emotion of the moment, the more challenging the context and conditions the higher the quality of the work of art. This maxim is perhaps best seen in the work of the greatest artist of them all, Mother Nature. The latest work of art that nature has shared with us comes from the Atacama Desert in Chile. This is a region that holds the world record for the longest period without rainfall: 173 months! Yet after an unusual year of rainfall, this most unhospitable of spots became the canvas for a breathtaking show of mallow flowers springing to life.

At Ferbers.com we've known of the beauty of the Atacma Desert for some time. Some of our favorite pieces are the Imilac Pallasites that originate from there. This meteorite was found in northern Chile in 1822. To this day it remains one the most important meteorite finds in history. We are very proud to be able to offer these extraordinary specimens of Imilac meteorites mounted in 14kt gold to our customers. Click here to see our Imilac offerings>> See this video filmed at London's Natural History Museum to learn more about the Imilac Pallasite.