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A Beautiful Moon Pendant

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Item# MET311
Carat Weight 2.00 Carat Lunar Meteorite NWA 5000
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Handcrafted 14kt Gold Frame
Diamonds .47 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond
Measures Pendant Measures 1" Tall x .3" Wide ( 26mm x 7.4mm)
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Eons ago a violent impact on the surface of the moon by an asteroid ejected this rock from the clutches of the moon’s gravity. Eventually pulled into earth’s orbit, the bowling ball sized meteorite plunged into the rocky desert of the Western Sahara. This celestial traveler from the moon lay undisturbed for centuries deep in the world’s largest and hottest desert until it was discovered by some very lucky meteorite hunters in July of 2007. After extensive scientific analysis it was given the designation North West Africa 5000.

If this rock were brought back from the Moon by astronauts, as were samples from the Apollo missions, its proportionate cost would be enormous, much more than that of any flawless diamond. Lunar meteorites are so scarce that none have ever been found anywhere on the North or South American continents.

Your unique piece of the moon, weighing 2 carats, is set in a handcrafted 14kt gold mounting accented with a .47 carat marquise cut diamond. We will ship your pendant in a custom presentation box on your choice of necklace along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a descriptive card about your piece of the moon.


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