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Virtus, a Moral and Ethical Man

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Item# CJ0473
Coin Silver Antoninianus
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal 14kt Gold Handcrafted Frame
Measures Pendant with Bail is 1.20 Tall x 1" Wide (30mm x 25.5mm)

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The Latin word vir means man. A virtuous man did the "right" thing and led a moral life. Virtus was an ethical trait, and a man was expected to conduct his public life in such a manner that he would live up to the standards of his ancestors. Courage and a willingness to serve were particularly strong virtues.

Our silver antoninianus was minted during the reign of Gordian III, around 240 A.D. whose profile is on the reverse side. The coin shows Virtus standing, holding an olive branch in one hand and a spear in the other. This is symbolic of the duty to serve in the military while at the same time seeking peace.

We have set this coin in a 14kt yellow gold frame, it will come with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity. This is a great pendant for a man, you can choose your necklace at checkout.


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