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Victory on a Gold Byzantine Coin

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Item# CJ0408
Coin Metal Gold
Coin Gold Solidus - Constantinople Mint - 491-518 A.D.
Chain Type 14kt Gold Chain - 16" Length
Metal Gold Coin in 14kt Gold Handcrafted Frame
Stone 1.75 Carat Garnet
Measures Pendant is 1,35" Tall x .95" Wide ( 35mm x 23mm)

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Minted in Constantinople during the 5th century, this is a pure gold coin was known as a solidus. This coin, issued during the rule of Anastasius the First, features a winged symbol of Victory. The similarities between the Roman view of Victory and our present day image of an angel is striking. Additional she is holding a scepter topped with a Christogram, another symbol of early Christianity. Under the figure of Victory is the word CONOB. OB was the abbreviation for the word obryzum, which means pure gold. The solidus coin weighed 1/72 of a pound so the wording CONOB means "Constantinople, 1/72 pound pure gold. The pendant is accented with a hand selected natural garnet weighing 1.75 carats.

A one of a kind piece of 1,500 year old Roman history with a Christian theme.


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