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Goddess of Good Health, Salus

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Item# CJ0522
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Handcrafted Frame
Measures 1" Diameter ( 25.5mm )

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Salus, the Roman Goddess of health and prosperity is shown holding a snake with her right hand and feeding it out of her left hand. Snakes coiled around a staff are still symbolic of the practice of medicine. Salus's name comes down to us in such words as salve, safe, and salvation.

Minted during the reign of Philip I between 244-249 A.D. Philip's profile is on the reverse side, inverted to the front. The coin, a denomination known as an antonianianus, has been set in a handcrafted sterling silver frame, your gift boxed pendant will arrive with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity on the necklace of your choice.


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