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Rider on a Horse from Ancient Greece

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Item# CJ0322
Coin Metal Silver
Coin Silver Hemidrachm
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal 14kt Gold Frame
Measures .70" Wide x 1" Tall (18mm x 25mm)

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Minted between 336-359 B.C. by Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. This beautiful Greek silver hemidrachm shows a rider on a prancing horse. The reverse side, which is inverted to the front, has the profile of Apollo The coin is from Amphipolis, an ancient Greek and Roman city whose remains can be see to this day.

Our jeweler has set this rare coin in a solid handcrafted frame of 14kt gold. You can choose your necklace style. Comes complete with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity.


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