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Our Largest Faceted Triangular Cut Moldavite

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Item# MET0173
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Handcrafted Frame
Stone 15 Carat Natural Faceted Moldavite
Measures 1.2" Tall x .8" Wide (30mm x 20mm)
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Moldavite is a natural green tektite glass which fell to earth 14.7 million years ago following a huge meteorite impact in the Moldau River area of southern Bohemia in present day Germany.As it fell back through the atmosphere it solidified into the many and varied shaped we recognize as moldavite. Most moldavite has natural inclusions with bubbly textures which is why it is usually not faceted into gemstones. We have found that only about one percent of these gems are suitable to cut and facet, just like a fine diamond. Set in a handmade frame of sterling silver, your 15 carat moldavite pendant comes on your choice of necklace along with a descriptive card about this unique gemstone.


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