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A Pallasite Meteorite from Chile

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Item# MET296
Carat Weight 16 Carats
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Handcrafted Frame of Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold
Stone Pallasite Meteorite - Imilac, Chile
Measures Pendant measures 1.5" Tall x 1" Wide (37mm x 26mm)

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First discovered in 1822 in a valley southwest of Imilac, Chile, in the Atacama desert. This pallasite meteorite is known for it's large yellow crystals. Weighing 9 carats, our translucent slice exhibits beautiful olivine crystals in a very stable nickel-iron matrix. The crystals cover more than 75% of this specimen, we have pictured both sides of this pendant which can be worn with either side showing. This Imilac pallasite has beautiful contrast between the crystals and the polished background. Set in a frame of sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold, your gift boxed pendant will arrive on your choice of necklace. Your meteorite pendant includes a descriptive card on this historic one in a million visitor from space. Read more about this famous meteorite here.


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