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The Lion Coin

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Item# CJ0234
Coin Metal Silver
Chain Type 18" Sterling Silver Necklace
Diameter .85"
Measures .85" Diameter (22mm)

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The Dutch 2 Stuiver silver coin was a very popular coin throughout the American colonies during the 1700's. The Dutch were a major presence in the new world, and a Dutch trader, Peter Minuit, is credited with purchasing the island of Manhattan in 1626. The city of New Amsterdam, later named New York, was one of the United States most important early trade centers. It was not until late in the 1700's that U.S. mints were established and our country began to issue our own currency. This very fine silver coin dated 1750 is set in a handcrafted sterling silver border. It will be shipped on an 18" sterling silver necklace and Certificate of Authenticity with descriptive brochure.


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