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A Smaller Meteorite Cross

Product Details:

Item# MET0167
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Cap and Bail
Stone Gibeon Meteorite - Africa
Measures 1.2" Tall x .7" Wide

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Our designer responded to a request for a meteorite cross with this unique design. Measuring 1.2" tall x .7" wide, this is a great cross for a man or anyone else wanting a smaller, simple cross. First discovered in Namibia, Africa in 1836, the Gibeon meteorites come from an asteroid that broke into fragments. Dating studies have placed the age at around 4 billion years old. Only about 5% of all meteorites are iron-nickel in composition and it is difficult to acquire new Gibeon meteorites because exports from Namibia are now illegal.

The meteorite hangs from a cap and bail of sterling silver. You can choose your preferred necklace style.

Each cross comes with a descriptive card about your "out of this world" treasure.


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