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Liberalitas, Goddess of Generosity

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Item# CJ0406
Coin Silver Antoninianus 244-249 A.D.
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Measures Pendant measures 1.28" Tall x 1" Wide ( 32mm x 26mm )
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The Roman Goddess Liberalitas related to being generous. From the word liber, or free, she is usually seen holding a counting board in her hand. During times of prosperity an emperor would schedule times when wealth, in the form of coins, would be given to the populace. With her counting board she could quickly count out the correct number of coins to be distributed to each person.

This silver antoninianus was issued during the reign of Philip I between 244-249 A.D. His profile is on the reverse side of the coin.

Your gift boxed pendant is set in a frame of sterling silver. Your gift boxed pendant will arrive on your choice of necklace along with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity about your coin.


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