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Laetitia, Goddess of Joy and Happiness

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Item# CJ0521
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Metal Sterling Silver Handcrafted Frame
Measures 1" Diameter
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Laetitia was known as the Roman goddess of happiness and joy. She was always present at important festivals and during holiday seasons. Laetitia was a happy, lucky, and prosperous deity. Our silver antoninianus was minted during the reign of Philip 1 between the years 244-249 A.D. Philip's profile is on the reverse, either side can be shown when worn. Laetitia is holding a wreath in one hand which was the honor placed on the head of Olympic winners. Her other hand holds a staff, symbolic of grounded stability. Our jeweler has framed the coin in sterling silver accent, the coin can be worn with either side showing. The pendant comes complete with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity. You can make your choice of your preferred necklace.


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