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A Very Fine Christ Coin From Venice

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Item# CJ0389
Coin Metal Silver
Length Choose Your Necklace
Diameter .85" Diameter
Metal Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Frame
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This coin is a silver grosso, issued under Pietro Polani in Venice, Italy prior to 1148 A.D. Polani was the Doge, or ruling elder, of Venice from 1130-1148 A.D. The obverse shows Jesus Christ seated on the throne. Christ`s head is surrounded with a halo and he is barefooted, which symbolizes his humbleness. The letters IC (Jesus) and XC (Christ) are on the sides of Christ's head. There are 5 dots on Christ's robe, each representing a wound suffered on the cross. The detail on this coin is exceptional, it is very rare to see the facial hairs on this coin. The reverse, which is inverted, has Pietro Polani standing by Saint Mark, partron Saint of Venice. Together they hold a staff with the banner of Venice.

We have set the coin in a handcrafted sterling silver frame. The pendant will come on your choice of necklace.

Pendant and coin comes with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity.


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