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A Very Fine Christ Coin From Venice

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Item# CJ0481
Coin Metal Silver
Length Choose Your Necklace
Metal 14kt Gold Handcrafted Frame
Measures 1.10" Diameter ( 27mm )

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This coin is a silver grosso, issued under Pietro Polani in Venice, Italy prior to 1148 A.D. Polani was the Doge, or ruling elder, of Venice from 1130-1148 A.D. The obverse shows Jesus Christ seated on the throne. Christ`s head is surrounded with a halo and he is barefooted, which symbolizes his humbleness. The letters IC (Jesus) and XC (Christ) are on the sides of Christ's head. There are 5 dots on Christ's robe, each representing a wound suffered on the cross. The reverse, which is inverted, has Pietro Polani standing by Saint Mark, partron Saint of Venice. Together they hold a staff with the banner of Venice.

We have set the coin in a handcrafted 14kt gold frame. The pendant will come on your choice of necklace.

Pendant and coin comes with a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity.


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