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A Larger Gibeon Meteorite Cross

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Item# MET0079
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Stone Giebon Meteorite - Africa
Measures 1.5" Tall x .75" Wide
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Our designer responded to a request for a meteorite cross with this unique design. Measuring 2" tall x 1" wide, this is a great cross for either a man or woman. First discovered in Namibia, Africa in 1836, the Gibeon meteorites come from an asteroid that broke up when entering the atmosphere. Dating studies have placed the age at around 4 billion years old. Only about 5% of all meteorites discovered are iron-nickel and it is difficult to acquire new Gibeon meteorites because exports from Namibia are now illegal.

We have set the cross in a frame of sterling silver with a solid back, good for decades of wear. You can choose your preferred necklace style.

Each cross comes with a descriptive card about your "out of this world" treasure.


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