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Ethiopian Coptic Cross Cut from Austrian Coin

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Item# 1059
Coin Metal Silver
Chain Type 20" Black Fashion Cord Necklace
Metal Coin Silver
Measures 2.5" Tall x 1.5" Wide

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An historic relic, this Ethiopian cross was cut from a coin known as a silver thaler. Minted in Austria from 1870, it features Maria Theresa, empress of Austria and mother of Marie Antionette. Because of its uniform weight and purity this was the most widely traded coin in northern Africa for more than 150 years. Many of these coins were melted down to make jewelry in Ethiopia, including our other antique Coptic Christian crosses. This example is a nice example of a cross cut directly from this coin. The cross dates from the 1840-1900 era. Cross will come complete with 20" sterling silver necklace, Certificate of Authenticity, and descriptive brochure about this historic relic.


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