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Esquel Pallasite with Diamonds

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Item# MET286
Carat Weight 46.3 Carats
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal 14kt Yellow Gold Pendant
Diamonds 5 Round Diamonds .25 Carats Total Weight
Stone Esquel Pallasite Meteorite - Argentina
Measures 1.95" Tall x 1.05" Wide ( 50mm x 27mm )
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This unique Esquel meteorite comes from a pallasite meteorite that fell in Argentina in 1951. Weighing 46.3 carats, this translucent slice exhibits the beautiful olivine crystals seen in less than 1% of all meteorites. This particular specimen has some beautiful crystals throughout the surface of the meteorite. Esquel is the undisputed King of the pallasites having large, transparent, gem quality olivine crystals embedded in a very stable nickel iron matrix. A fantastic meteorite.

Set in a handcrafted frame of 14kt yellow gold accented with .25 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds, your gift boxed meteorite pendant will be shipped with your choice of necklace. Your space treasure comes complete with descriptive card about the Esquel meteorite, a gem a thousand times rarer than a diamond.

Read about the history of this famous meteorite.


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