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Esquel Pallasite Gold Ring

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Item# MET304-T
Chain Type Choose Your Ring Size
Metal 14kt Yellow Gold Ring
Diamonds 20 Round Diamonds - .10 Carats Total Weight
Stone Esquel Pallasite Meteorite -Argentina - 14.02 Carats

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This Esquel meteorite comes from a pallasite meteorite that fell in Argentina in 1951. Weighing 14.02 carats, this translucent slice exhibits the beautiful olivine (peridot) crystals seen in less than 1% of all meteorites. Esquel is the undisputed King of the pallasites having large, transparent, gem quality crystals embedded in a very stable nickel iron matrix.

Set in a handcrafted ring of 14kt gold that is accented with 20 round diamonds, your meteorite will be shipped in your ring size, please allow us 2 extra business days for sizing. . Your space treasure comes complete with descriptive card about your Esquel meteorite, a gem a thousand times rarer than a diamond.

Read about the history of this famous meteorite.


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