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Enameled Silver Sixpence from Queen Victoria's Jubilee

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Item# CJ0222
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Diameter .85" Diameter (22mm)
Metal Handcrafted Sterling Silver Frame

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The craft of hand enameling coins developed during the reign of Queen Victoria. During Victoria`s golden jubilee in 1887, thousands of coins were elaborately enameled for use in brooches, stickpins and cufflinks. The enamel usually followed the outline of the coin design, with each color applied in individual layers which were fired in a special oven. This sterling silver sixpence, dated 1887, was issued especially for the Queen's jubilee. The enameling is a beautiful example of this long lost craft. This coin in a handcrafted sterling silver frame will be shipped on your choice of necklace. A beautiful example of a hand enameled coin, it includes a descriptive card about the history of British enameled coins.


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