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Goddess of Harmony and Understanding, Concordia

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Item# CJ0484
Coin Silver Antoninianus
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Measures 1" Diameter
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Concordia was called upon for her ability to bring about harmony and agreement. During the festival of Caristia on February 22 of each year she helped mend any disagreements between family members. She is shown holding a patera, a shallow dish often filled with wine and used in ceremonies.

Our silver antoninianus was issued around 240 A.D. under the rule of Gordian III. His image, which is inverted to the front, is inverted. Our jeweler has set it in a handcrafted frame of sterling silver. Your pendant will include a descriptive brochure and Certificate of Authenticity. You can choose your preferred necklace style.


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