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Flower of Life 4 Billion Year Old Meteorite

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Item# MET223
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal Sterling SIlver Frame
Stone Gibeon Meteorite
Measures 1.1" Diameter ( 27mm )
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First discovered by the Nama people in what is now Namibia, Africa, the indigenous people used native iron they found on the desert floor to make tools and weapons. In 1836 an English explorer, J. E. Alexander, collected samples of the ore and sent them back to London where they were later identified as meteorite. The Gibeon meteorites come from an asteroid. Dating studies have placed the age of this meteorite at 4 billion years old. It is difficult to acquire new Gibeon meteorites because exports from Namibia are now illegal.

The design of this pendant is 6 interlocking rings that result in a flower design in the center. It is highlighted by a disk cut from this famous meteorite that shows the beautiful Widmanst├Ątten pattern which only develops when the nickel-iron crystals in the meteorite cool at extremely slow rates over millions of years. The presence of these patterns is the proof of the extraterrestrial origin as this crystal growth cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. The pendant can be worn with either side showing if you prefer to just show a disk of this famous visitor from space.

Your gift boxed pendant, which comes on your choice of necklace, includes a descriptive enclosure about your "out of this world" jewelry.

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