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Catch a Falling Star Meteorite Pendant

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Item# MET0190
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Stone 4 Billion Year Old Meteorite
Measures 1.4" Tall x .9" Wide (36mm Tall x 22mm Wide)

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No matter what your age, we are all captivated by the sight of a "shooting star" streaking through the nighttime skies. One of our designers has captured that experience in our newest meteorite pendant.

The Gibeon meteorite was first discovered by an English explorer in Namibia, Africa in 1836. This meteorites come from an asteroid that broke into fragments as it entered our atmosphere. Dating studies have placed its age at around 4 billion years. Only about 5% of all meteorites are iron-nickel in composition and it is difficult to acquire new Gibeon meteorites because exports from Namibia are now illegal. The round meteorite disk is set in a custom sterling silver frame. You can choose your preferred necklace style. Each pendant comes with a descriptive card about your "out of this world" treasure.

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