Roman Glass is one of the most interesting materials in our collection of jewelry. Because people are unfamiliar with Roman Glass, we wanted to answer some questions that you may have about its origin and care.

Where does Roman Glass come from?

The glass is excavated in Israel from sites that date back to the Roman era. The glass used in our jewelry is 2,000 years old. Glass was once a very rare object, found only in homes of the wealthy. As Israel developed into a major glass making center it became a common household object used in every home for plates, bowls, and jars. All of our suppliers are licensed by the Israeli Government Antiquities Authority to work with the found glass fragments. Each piece of jewelry we sell comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Israel.

Is the supply of Roman glass limited?

Yes, eventually supplies of Roman glass will run out, but fortunately Israel is one of the few places in the world where the climate enabled the preservation of this beautiful colorful glass. Two thousand years of being buried in mineral rich soil has resulted in the range of colors found in Roman glass. These colors cannot be manufactured artificially.

Why is each piece shaped and shaded differently?

The pieces of glass used in our jewelry originally were parts of plates, cups, vases, or bowls used two thousand years ago. Originally each object was hand blown which accounts for the many shapes we see. Skilled artisans carefully craft each shard of excavated glass into a unique piece of jewelry. This is not mass produced jewelry, and slight variations in color will exist in all of our genuine Roman glass pieces.

Can you get Roman glass wet?

You should treat your Roman glass as any other piece of fine jewelry. Long term immersion in water will eventually dull the natural patina and affect the vivid colors. We would advise that you remove this, as well as other jewelry, before washing or swimming. A bit of rain will not hurt, and once the piece dries its color will return.