In nature gold has a deep yellow color.  This pure, or 24kt, gold is very soft and easily bent.   Because of this, it is not ideal for use in jewelry. To improve the durability of gold, it is mixed with other metals, or alloys.  These other metals are what give the gold in your jewelry its distinctive color.

For example, 14kt yellow gold contains 58.3% gold and a mix of copper and silver. 18kt yellow gold is 75% pure gold, therefore it has a deeper yellow color that more closely resembles 24kt gold.

White gold is simply a mix of gold and other white metals, such as silver, nickel, and palladium. When buying white gold, we recommend that you consider 18kt gold, as it will not develop a yellowish tint over time like less expensive 14kt gold.

Besides the most common colors of yellow and white, pink gold is also quite popular. Pink gold is made by combining gold with copper.  When done well, designers can use pink gold as an attractive accent  to give more color and life to a piece of fine jewelry.