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One of Our Largest Pallasites with Olivine Crystals

Product Details:

Item# MET327
Carat Weight 32.93 Carats
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Stone Brahin Pallasite Meteorite
Measures Pendant is 1.60" Tall x 1.12" Wide (40mm x 28mm)

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First discovered by farmers plowing a field in 1807 in Belarius, a landlocked country in eastern Europe. The meteorite, known as the Brahin, is one of 42 meteorites recovered that are classified as a pallasite. Only about one percent of all meteorites found are pallasites. One of our larger pallasites which weighs 32.93 carats. This specimen has beautiful large crystals. We have set it in a handcrafted sterling silver frame. Your gift boxed pendant will arrive with a descriptive card about your out of this world gift on your choice of necklace.


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