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A Great Spanish Coin from the 1700's

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Item# CJ0376
Coin Spanish Two Reale (also known as a Piece of Two)
Chain Type Choose Necklace
Metal Loop Bail is 14kt Yellow Gold
Measures 1.10" Diameter (28mm)

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You may not have given it much thought but the wallet is a rather recent invention. For hundreds of years most men carried their coins in a small pouch in their pocket. If you go back into the 1700's most clothes didn't even have pockets. Rather than risk losing your hard earned money it was a common practice to punch a hole in your coins and thread them on a leather cord around your neck.

About the size of a quarter, this silver two reale minted in 1798 shows the Spanish coat of arms on one side and Charles the Fourth on the reverse. We'll ship your coin on your choice of sterling silver necklace.


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