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A Gorgon from Ancient Greece, 400 B.C.

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Item# CJ0312
Metal 14kt Gold Handcrafted Frame
Measures Pendant is .80" Tall x .70" Wide ( 18mm x 17mm)

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Our custom 14kt pendant features a silver drachm from Apollonia Pontika, a town in ancient Greece on the Black Sea. This coin dates from around 350 B.C. This image is a Gorgon from the Greek word gorgos which means dreadful. This image has been found as far back as the 8th century B.C. The Gorgon was mythologically representative of Medusa, a snake haired figure with a protruding tongue. The ancient Greeks thought the Gorgon could turn a mortal into stone with one look.

These coins served a propaganda purpose, announcing to would-be enemies, "Don't mess with us". This is one of the most iconic images of ancient times, and Gorgons can be found on castles all over Europe as a warning to intruders to stay away. Gorgons were thought to ward off evil spirits.

Please choose your necklace style, this smaller sized pendant comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and descriptive brochure.

You can read more about Medusa and Gorgons here.


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