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A Beautiful Pallasite Meteorite with Olivine Crystals

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Item# MET328
Carat Weight 16.87 Carats
Chain Type Choose Your Necklace
Metal Sterling Silver Frame
Stone Brahin Pallasite Meteorite
Measures Pendant is 1.08" Tall x 1.26" Wide (27mm x 32mm)
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First discovered by farmers plowing a field in 1807 in Belarius, a landlocked country in eastern Europe. The meteorite, known as the Brahin, is one of 42 meteorites recovered that are classified as a pallasite. Only about one percent of all meteorites found are pallasites. This beautiful pallasite meteorite weighs 16.87 carats. This specimen has beautiful large olivine crystals which cover half of the meteorite. We have set it in a handcrafted sterling silver frame. Your gift boxed pendant will arrive with a descriptive card about your out of this world gift on your choice of necklace.


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