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Esquel Meteorite Set In 14kt White Gold

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Item # MET0077
Metal Handcrafted 14kt White Gold Frame
Stone Esquel Pallasite Meteorite - 35.35 Carats
Measures 1.40" Tall x .80" Wide (36mm x 21mm)

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This rectangular Esquel meteorite comes from a pallasite meteorite that was discovered in Argentina in 1951. This is one of our largest Esquels weighing 35.35 carats, this translucent specimen exhibits the beautiful green olivine crystals that are particularly colorful in this pallasite. . The Esquel is the undisputed King of the pallasites with the crystals in a very stable nickel iron matrix.

Set in a handcrafted 14kt white gold frame, your meteorite will be shipped on a quality black fashion cord necklace, you can choose the length. Your gift boxed pendant will arrive with a descriptive brochure about your Esquel pallasite meteorite, a gem far scarcer than a diamond.

Read more about this famous meteorite.

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