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Meteorite Jewelry

  • Atacama Desert: Extreme Conditions, Extreme Beauty

    Have you ever noticed that the most extreme conditions often produce the most extreme beauty? Whether it is an author crafting a story, a composer giving life to his magnus opus, or a painter capturing the emotion of the moment, the more challenging the context and conditions the higher the quality of the work of art. This maxim is perhaps best seen in the work of the greatest artist of them all, Mother Nature.
  • Gibeon Meteorite Jewelry - A Long Journey

    The Ferber family is full of astronomy lovers, so it is no surprise that one of our favorite products is our meteorite jewelry. Many of our meteorite pendants are made from one of the most famous meteorite discoveries of all time, the Gibeon meteorite from Namibia, Africa. It is amazing to think about the long journey that these pieces have taken, and now we get to help find them new homes!

  • Esquel Meteorite Jewelry

    In the small town of Esquel, Argentina in 1951 a campesino was digging a watering hole for his livestock when he came across one of the most spectacular meteorites ever discovered. Named for the town where it was found, the Esquel meteorite was sold to an American collector, and since has been separated into smaller specimens like those found on our website.

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