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  • Atacama Desert: Extreme Conditions, Extreme Beauty

    Have you ever noticed that the most extreme conditions often produce the most extreme beauty? Whether it is an author crafting a story, a composer giving life to his magnus opus, or a painter capturing the emotion of the moment, the more challenging the context and conditions the higher the quality of the work of art. This maxim is perhaps best seen in the work of the greatest artist of them all, Mother Nature.
  • Janus - the God of January

    January is named after the two faced Roman god Janus. Janus had the ability to not only reflect on what had happened in the past but to look forward to better things in the New Year. Even in Roman times January 1st was celebrated as the beginning of the New Year, a time to wish friends and acquaintances good wishes. Much like today, it was a chance to make personal resolutions to improve on those things in our lives we wish to change from the past.
  • The Original World Currency

    The Athens Owl Coin was one of the first used in world trade.

    The internet is full of speculation about the value of “bitcoins”, the so-called whole world currency. These bloggers might be surprised to learn that the world had a universally recognized coin over 2,500 years ago, used everywhere around the Mediterranean by famous Greeks including Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. We now refer to this coin as the Athens Owl. Used for over 300 years, it opened the world to a new concept, conducting trade with money. Before the Owl merchants relied on barter when exchanging goods or services. With the Athens Owl coin a merchants from Egypt to Greece would take the coin in exchange for his own goods because he trusted the purity of its silver content and its uniform weight.

    The owl, which then as now is recognized for wisdom, was the symbol of Athens. The letters AʘΕ on the coin are “Alpha Theta Epsilon” short for AΘENAIΘN, means “of the Athenians”. This small species of owl, known as Athena Noctua, still range throughout the Mediterranean area. Standing 6-9” tall, it is often called the Minerva owl. The coin's reverse portrays Athena, goddess of wisdom and the patron of the city. In mythology Athena sometimes took the form of an owl.

    The silver owl coin changed the world forever and it is one of the finest surviving relics of ancient Greek culture.

  • Roman Glass Jewelry by Michal Kirat

    One of our goals at Ferber's is to bring you unique jewelry from every corner of the world. One of the artisans that we have developed a relationship with is Michal Kirat. Michal was kind enough to share some information about herself and her design philosophies with us.
  • Ammolite Jewelry from Canada

    A strikingly beautiful example of an organic gemstone is Ammolite. Ammolite is a mined primarily in Alberta, Canada. It is made from the fossilized shells of ammonite, which resemble a nautilus. Ammolite is famous for its intense colors in the red and green shades.

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